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I was at a point where I had to choose if I wanted to spin my own blog to use an existing platform. The choice was clear, for the love to creative freedom and platform flexibility, build a blog!

My blog mvp was simple, lists all the posts, have the abilty to click through to individual posts. While being in the post detail, show some recommendations. I just extended it to show post views and comments using a disqus integration.

I wasn't sure about the nature of my blog either at first - should it be about chatbots, AI/ML or something else. I mulled this over and utiliately decided to roll with what would make me want to blog in the first place. I decided to convert this to a DEV blog and my musings, hence the title.

Anyhow, Django makes it relatively straightforward to implement a blog. The blog is powered by a Posts model and two simple views to returns posts and post detail (like this page). I add the posts myself from the admin panel. The blog supports rich text, to allow for rendering safe html content.

I know there're a ton of excellent platforms out there, but the satisfaction from rolling out your own blog is awesome! As a produt manager (and night time dev), If you're writing for the pure joy of writing, nothing beats this.

Have fun coding and while you're here, don't forget to check out


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