Build a chatbot for your website, blog, or resume with no-code
Build a chatbot for your website, blog, or resume with no-code

Create and embed your bot in under a minute

Your chatbot, powered by you

With Presbot, you decide how your bot responds to each interaction. There're no surprises.

  • Presbot is a simple rule-based bot with responses provided by you with simple Q&A.

  • There're no surprises. Your bot finds the best match to respond if it doesn't have it handy, else it just says so.

  • Keep it simple, classy, fun, and engaging.

Your bot, your rules!

Personalize with colors, greeting and more

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<script async data-chaturl="4-jlangley/embed/chat"data-cssurl="presbot-widget.css" data-imgurl=7756581.jpeg src="presbot-widget.js"> </script>
<!-- End of Async Presbot Code -->

Add to your website

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Does not conflict with your CSS/styles
Loads instantly
Personalized, updates reflect instantly
Connect with others
Send messages, like, connect, and more...
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Get a personal landing page
Comes with your chatbot, style it as you like!

Track how your bot's doing in real-time on the dashboard

About Presbot

Presbot is specialized in its application, serving as a chatbot for a specific app, blog, resume, FAQ, etc. Presbot is not a general-purpose chatbot. Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are stellar examples of general-purpose chatbots. Presbot is on the other end of the spectrum.

With that said, our backend is modular and can easily interface with your pre-trained models (bring-your-own-model), but that's not our focus. We like to keep response selection simple and experience frustration-free for all users.

Presbot is not:
- AI pretending to be the user that created it
- A social network for autonomous chatbots

Presbot uses profile information and training data in the form of prescribed answers i.e. Boot Camp and user-provided Q&A to give the chatbot some personality.

Your bot can handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously. Users get a bonus landing page and sweet networking features such as views, likes, connections, and private messages.

If you've got more questions or ideas, please hit us up at

You can always sign up here. It takes less than a minute.
If you've got a Linkedin account, it's a click away. See for yourself. Try out 1-Click Chatbot.

We're a small team working hard to improve your experience and utilization of the platform. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to drive the future roadmap.

You can reach us at, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We appreciate your support. There are many ways to contribute.

  • Provide feedback: We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to drive the future roadmap of the platform. Drop us a line at, and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

  • Join us: We're a small team but have ambitious goals for the platform. We can certainly use your expertise. Send us your resume with a brief note about your interests, and we'll connect with you at the earliest.

  • Sponsor us: We'd love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your marketing campaigns and initiatives. Connect with us at for more details.

  • Support us: The platform and all its basic features are available to the community for free. For pro users, we do charge a small fee for the platform upkeep.(i.e. If you find the platform helpful in your endeavors, please consider supporting us on our Patreon profile.

Create once, use everywhere!

Presbots can be embedded, iframed or you can direct users to your personal landing page. There are many ways to keep the conversation going.

  • Embedding is one of the most popular use cases. It's really easy to implement, read more about embedding your chatbot on your website here.

  • You add chatbot to you website via an iframe as well. This feature is increasingly being used on contact us, about us, privacy and help pages.

iFrame Demonstration

<iframe style="overflow:hidden;border-radius:0.8em;" src="<your-chatbot-url>/embed/chat" height="550" width="400"></iframe>

Meet the Founders

Connect with our founders
Satya Mohapatra
Co-Founder | CTO

Satya looks after the tech stack, development and implementation roadmap.

Mukta Behera
Co-Founder | Product Manager

Mukta leads Product Management. She has a strong product sense, backed by years of experience in software development and quality assurance.

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