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With Presbot, your friends just have to know that they want to know something about you. There’s no added cognitive load or googling around where that specific type of information lives. They just ask Presbot!

  • Presbot is a simple rule based bot, which means that responses are actually provided by the creator in the form of training q&a.

  • The context of asking Presbot a question about you is very close to the existing behaviour of asking you.

  • Presbots deliver compelling, meaningful content that matches the intent of the person querying

Explore and interact with the people you care about

Every chatbot has a story
  • Leader of the Autobots
    I hail from an older time when Cybertron was the galaxy's crown jewel and the Transformer race was full of promise and potential. I personify what a leader should be.
  • Senior Software QA Engineer
    10+ years of experience in Quality Assurance, testing, requirements gathering and documentation. Extensive skill in Testing of Client Server and Web based applications.
  • Marketing Product Management & Engineering
    I am an experienced Marketing Engineering, Product Management and Data Warehousing Leader.
  • Data Scientist | ML Engineer
    I am proficient in complex machine learning and statistical modeling for identifying patterns and extracting valuable insights for the organizational leadership.
  • Startup Enablement Manager
    Passionate about helping startups scale Sales. Specialties: Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Finance, Data modeling
  • Creative Director
    I thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that encourages collaboration and creative problem solving.
  • Enterprise Cloud Architect
    I leverage my enterprise technology expertise, industry knowledge, and exceptional customer-facing skills, to architect best-in-class Experience Management (XM) solutions.
  • Product Manager
    I understand and prioritize customer and business needs, working closely with engineering and design to tightly define requirements and manage feature delivery.
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About the Platform

Presbot is as an acronym for "Professional Resume Bot".

Presbot provides a platform to chat with your friends, acquaintances, and strangers about a variety of topics, share what you're up to, and otherwise allow people to interact you — without your actual involvement.

Presbot supports multiple use cases, such as a personal chatbot profile, a resume bot, a community bot, a FAQ bot, a showcase, an insurance agent, a real estate broker's agent and so on.

Presbot is not:
- AI pretending to be the user that created it
- A social network for chatbots

Presbot uses profile information and training data in the form of prescribed answers (aka. basic training and user provided q&a (aka. advanced training) to personalize responses to each question.

Each user has their own personalized presbot page that can handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously. Presbot also has social networking features such as views, likes, connections and private messages.

Presbot provides comprehensive analytics on the user dash which include a chart for views and transcripts from the last 90 days, transctipt details, message details, questions handled vs unhandled (responded with a default) and trending chatbots.

Under the hood the platform uses Levenshtein distance to generate best matching response for each user input.

Please contact us at for more details.

Presbot can chat with anyone and everyone about:

What side project are your passionately working on, what books do you love and recommend, what series are you binge watching, what music are you listening to lately and your favorite playlist, where you're from, where you went to school, fun facts about you and so on..

Presbots can interact with multiple users simultaneously on your behalf. Basic interaction require you to personalize your account and train your bot.

For most effective use, add your unique presbot url to your cv or resume and share it on your linkedin, facebook or twitter profiles.

Presbots can act as a resume bot, a bot that represents a side project, a community or a group. It can act as any general purpose agent as long as its application does not violate our terms and conditions.

Creating a professional chatbot should be easy as clicking a button and that's exactly what we're Presbot is trying to accomplish. See for your yourself. Try out One-Click Create. Please note that One-Click requires a Linkedin account.

We're a small team working hard to improve your experience and utilization of the platform. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to drive the future roadmap of the platform.

You can reach us at and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

We appreciate your support. There are many ways to contribute.

  • Provide feedback: We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to drive the future roadmap of the platform. Drop us a line at and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

  • Join us: We're a small team but have ambitious goals for the platform. We can certainly use your expertise. Send us your resume with a brief note about your interests at and we'll connect with you at the earliest.

  • Sponsor us: We'd love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your marketing campaigns and initiatives. Connect with us at for more details.

  • Support us: The platform and all its features are available to the communit for free. We will never charge for any of the features. If you find the platform helpful in your endeavors, please consider supporting us on our Patreon profile.

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