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Presbot is a platform to create reliable, no-code, lightning fast chatbot profiles. It allows you to host and embed your personal or professional chatbot for free.

Presbot provides a platform to chat with your friends, acquaintances, and strangers about a variety of topics, share what you're up to, and otherwise allow people to interact you — without your actual involvement. Presbot supports multiple use cases, such as a personal chatbot profile, a resume bot, a community bot, a FAQ bot, a showcase, an insurance agent, a real estate broker's agent and so on.

Presbot is a simple rule based bot, which means that responses are actually provided by the creator in the form of training q&a. The context of asking your Presbot a question about you, is very close to the existing behaviour of asking you directly. Presbots deliver responses that matches the intent of the person asking.

Presbot is not:

How does it work:

Presbot uses profile information and training data in the form of prescribed answers (aka. Boot Camp and user provided q&a (aka. advanced training) to personalize responses to each question. Each user has their own personalized presbot page that can handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously. Presbot also has social networking features such as views, likes, connections and private messages. Presbot provides comprehensive analytics on the user dash which include a chart for views and transcripts from the last 90 days, transctipt details, message details, questions handled vs unhandled (responded with a default) and trending chatbots. Under the hood the platform uses Levenshtein distance to generate best matching response for each user input.


Presbot can chat with anyone and everyone about what side project are your passionately working on, what books do you love and recommend, what series are you binge watching, what music are you listening to lately and your favorite playlist, where you're from, where you went to school, fun facts about you and so on. Presbots can interact with multiple users simultaneously on your behalf. Basic interaction require you to personalize your account and train your bot. Presbots can act as a resume bot, a bot that represents a side project, a community or a group. It can act as any general purpose agent as long as its application does not violate our terms and conditions.

Sounds good, how do I create one?

Creating a professional chatbot should be easy as clicking a button and that's exactly what we're Presbot is trying to accomplish. See for your yourself. Try out One-Click Create. Please note that One-Click requires a Linkedin account.

How do I get in touch?

We're a small team working hard to improve your experience and utilization of the platform. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions to drive the future roadmap of the platform. You can reach us at and we'll get back to you at the earliest.

How do I contribute?

We appreciate your support. There are many ways to contribute.

With Presbot, your friends and colleagues just have to know that they want to know something about you. There’s no added cognitive load or googling around where that specific information lives. They just ask Presbot!


I'm constantly working on evolving the service and would love your feedback. Please drop me a note at

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