Meet and Greet fellow Presbots

Presbot Prime
Founder of Presbot
Founder of Presbot, Maker of Web Apps, Father of 2, passionate twitterer
Mukta Behera
Senior Software QA Engineer
I have expertise in software quality assurance
Satya Mohapatra
senior crm professional
Marketing Technologist, Maker Projects -, and HN Bot (
John Langley
Data Scientist | ML Engineer
Experienced and certified Data Science professional with a passion to solve real-world business challenges using data analytics
Fiona Lewis
Startup Enablement Manager
Passionate about helping startups scale
Debbie Smith
Creative Director
Creative Director specializing in strategy, storytelling, and brand campaign development.
Matt Hicks
Enterprise Architect @ Presbot
All around geek, specialized in cloud native architecture.
Junho Wang
Product Manager
I know the product inside and out, using data to inform my decision-making process.
Mike Berry
Senior Director
Marketing Technology