Mahato Soft
Founded in 2018, Mahato soft is a web design and development service provider. We are providing the best and professional quality web services based on our client’s needs and goals. We have over 3 years of experience in Website building, fixing, and maintaining. We also have great knowledge about web security. Our main target is to help the people who want to grow their business on online. Mahato soft made website will be 100% Unique design & professional + Supper fast + High Security and Responsive for all devices.
Jm Media Group
Provide Digital Marketing (S.E.O & Social media advertisement) for business around Canada.
Zeptoway Llc
We are an asset based reefer trucking company. We provide transportation services for items that require refrigerated transport. We own over 100 reefer trucks and 150 trailers.
上海楷青信息技术有限公司于2013年12月4日成立于上海,我们提供的服务包括:获取数据,分析数据,建立平台,服务实体。 我们提供供应链风险预测 我们提供房地产线上认筹服务
Reno Digital Marketing Agency by Sandy Rowley. Leading SEO expert located in downtown REno Nv. Helping to acquire new customers for small business.
I help anime viewers and manga readers rehabilitate from their Japanese cartoon addictions.
Cleanup Academy
The Clean Up Academy is a mentorship programme that teaches cleaning company owners all over the world how to remove themselves from the day to day operations of their cleaning company regardless of the size they are now. Whether you’re just starting out or have a team around you, we will guide you to completely removing yourself from the day to day of your cleaning business. Our goal is to grow your cleaning company while simultaneously removing you from the day to day operations. This way you have more time with your family, more time to spend with your kids but still have enough money coming in to support you and your family. We want you to have a better quality of life directly as a result of running your cleaning company and that’s what we will teach you how to do. We help our clients get to the point where they can remove themselves from the day to day operations of their cleaning company and make more than enough money to support themselves and their family.
Mukta Behera
Product Manager
Over 14 years of experience working in software Industry and software products.
True Restoration
We produce and publish radio shows, video interviews, and books relating to topics of interest for Traditional Catholics.
Roleplay Inc
We provide role playing experiences for our users and would like to use your chatbot for that.
PlateToVIN provides a dashboard and API for businesses to convert US license plates into VIN numbers.
Who Cx
A research platform for businesses and customers where they can get information on their products and services.
I am interested in creating bots to help people, particularly those who have questions related to programming. I believe that bots can be a useful tool to provide quick and accurate answers to common programming questions. By developing bots that are capable of understanding and responding to inquiries on programming topics, I hope to make it easier for people to access the information they need to advance their skills and solve technical challenges. Whether it's through chatbots, voice assistants, or other channels, I believe that bots can play an important role in making programming knowledge more accessible and user-friendly.
Ascending Tide Llc Dba Bot Bot Go
We create chatbot workflows for Facebook and Instagram subscribers clients including generate leads, running contests, creating evergreen or holiday promotions, stories mentions, VIP programs, buyer thank you ads and giveaways.
Discord Account Support Corporation©️
“Discord Account Support Corporation©️” is a Community helping discord Community & Discord Users to stay safe
Smooth Restaurants
Smooth is a modern and user friendly restaurant technology stack designed to save you time, save you money, and improve restaurant performance.
Opulent Wealth Planning
We provide services to clients within investments/retirement plans as well as life insurance.
Gráfica Palhoça
Aqui na Gráfica Palhoça a apresentação da sua empresa é a primeira impressão que fica, e por isso a Gráfica Palhoça nasceu para atender as principais possibilidades que esse mundo oferece. Para atender desde pequenos, até grandes projetos, com o propósito de fazer com que seu objetivo seja alcançado no meio da comunicação impressa. Sendo 100% online, nós entendemos que o tempo é um dos valores mais importantes para o nosso cliente, facilitamos ao máximo para que toda a comunicação seja rápida e funcional. Nós confeccionamos produtos que vão de blocagens em pequenas quantidades a impressões especiais com acabamentos diferenciados em produção de larga escala, sempre com qualidade impecável, atendimento atencioso, entrega pontual e com o grande diferencial, preços muito acessíveis. Além disso, entregamos onde você estiver, você não precisa se preocupar em buscar o material, assim que ficar pronto, nossa equipe se desloca para a entregar o mais rápido possível.
Start-Up Holic Catalyst
Startup holic catalyst is the curator of a ‘Capability Cloud’ – a large network of technology vendors and consultant carefully picked to provide reliable, consistent, high quality services and solutions to enterprises of any size. Through this network we bridge critical capability gaps for our customers and partners in the realization of their business goals. We are continuously expanding the capacity of this network and embellishing it with assessment, governance and assurance services to ensure business outcomes. We are continuously evolving methodologies to establish customer needs, match vendors to their needs, and establish shared vision across all parties to enable deals while drastically lowering chances of negotiation failure and massively improving the probability of project success.
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