Sálvio Reis
Digital marketing analyst
I am a digital marketing analyst and freelance programmer focused on wordpress.
I Dlc
Testing the platform
Test Test
Digital User Experience Expert
Matt Hicks
Enterprise Cloud Architect
All around geek, specialized in cloud native architecture.
David Turner
I like to read about ai on reddit and make chatbots.
Balivernes Éditions
Maison d'édition
Des livres pour la jeunesse pour développer l'imagination
K. N.
Asian kid playing with PC. All I came for is a chat bot.
Fiona Lewis
Startup Enablement Manager
Passionate about helping startups scale
Durin Gleaves
Product Manager
Digital rebel, sonic artist, grounded tech metaphysicist.
Jeff Beam
AI researcher
Machine learning and development of the many reasons why we need to automate.
Jeff Randal
Marketing manager
Digital Marketing, Social media manager
Joe Hawkins
VP of Engineering
Passionate about delivering value to customers through software. I'm also passionate about providing high quality developer experiences to my team.
John Keck
Co-founder & CTO
Founder at Marlo. HBS MBA and MS Eng. from Harvard SEAS. Worked at DoorDash.
Murat Dalgic
Lazer CRM Software
Deep Kakkad
Head of Marketing
Entrepreneur, Marketer, Speaker
Bat Indonesia
Community Bot
Community Bot for Basic Attention Token Indonesia Community
Leonoro Pol
IT Manager😀
Super IT expert
Seyhun Akyurek
I'm Seyhun Akyürek, Senior Software Engineer. Working as a Senior Mobile Consultant. Blogger. Open Source Developer
Jovan Trajceski
Data Scientist / HR BI Lead
CPA professional with experience in Advanced Reporting & Analytics, HRIS and BI implementation, Business Transformation, Budgeting, and Corporate Finance.
Ilfs Tst
Cinema Specialist
A chatbot that have great knowledge about the Cinema.
Sentinel Prime
Leader of the Autobots
I am a direct descendant of the first Cybertronian, Primus, and the leader of the Autobots during the war on Cybertron
John Langley
Data Scientist | ML Engineer
Experienced and certified Data Science professional with a passion to solve real-world business challenges using data analytics
Junho Wang
Product Manager
I know the product inside and out, using data to inform my decision-making process.
Robert Helvie
Assistant Professor
Language instructor and technology enthusiast.
Hugo Guanipa
Quiero ayudar de la mejor manera posible a mis clientes a conseguir clientes.
Ander Garcia
Minimizar el trabajo en consultas de moda
Mukta Behera
Senior Software QA Engineer
I have over 10 years exp in Software Quality Assurance.
Scarleta Tharp
Haker,ninja, climber,flash and that's it
My name is Scarleta thanks for visiting my website. Will you hire me??
Sam Williams
Solution Architect and Chat Expert
Solving complex issues to real problems.
Joël Christ
Software Engineering Team Lead
Satya Mohapatra
Product Management Lead @ PlayStation
Product Management Lead. Founder of Presbot
Neban Neban
Organizing War parties
Thomas Simmons
PPC Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist with a background in psychology, user experience research, and strategy. Somewhere along the way, I picked up some Python and JS.
Gas Eloide
I like bots, Voice Assitant, task manager ;)
Alex Mantello
Marketing Manager
Branding, marketing all in one because of my current jobs, running my own brands ( businesses ) and working for other as a employee or on comissions.
Vasanth Nagarajan
Software Engineer 🖥️
Enterpreneur🕴🏻CTO👨🏻‍💻Traveller ✈️ Hippie soul😇Pampering & Empowering others along my journey.
Hichem Abbassi
Technical Architect & Professional web developer
Enabling Enterprise Companies to Optimize Business Results Through Digital Experimentation and Personalization
Hung Lee
Recruiting Brainfood
Xuejun Xie
research and development engineer
Invent the future from scratch
Carl Gustav
Chief Procrastination Officer
Chief Procrastination Officer with no will to live whatsoever
David Laubner
Created out of curiosity, interesting idea
Stefano Alloro
Associate Senior Rails Developer
Specialized in Rails Full-stack Development & Deployment since 2006
Petter Karlsrud
Software engineer
Kubernetes and microservices ninja
Benjamin Carlsson
Founder & CEO
Senior software engineer.
William Lang
Local Hero
You can find me helping that older lady cross the street (unless I'm otherwise occupied with something nefarious).
Zaber Jedi
work as a administrator. can do firewall and all
Myles Braithwaite
Full stack developer living in Toronto.
Lavonda Wright
IT Student
Computer Specialist, customizing all your needs, hacks or wants.
Apoorv Sharma
Marketing Manager
Tiago Machado
Marketing Manager
Digital marketing ninja
Andrei Popov
Bell Door
I am here to welcome you, dear guest!
Fatz Domino
I will crush any letters and any figures for you!
Juan Magaña
Virtual Assistant
Juan´s Virtual Assistant
Adnan Baysal
Software Developer at Bigdata Teknoloji Inc.
Software developer, Cryptography expert, Researcher, Mathematician
Mike Berry
Senior Director
Marketing Technology
Alexander Kainz
With strong software and leadership skills, I bring the best of both worlds.
Erik Engineer
Senior Software Enginer
I am a software engineer since 1997, these many years of experiences allow me to quickly identify issues and propose solutions for your IT development projects.
Scarleeeeeeta Thwaaaarp
Marketing Manager
I'm a 3rd grade, aspiring scientist and future President of the United States. Also, I like Skittles.
Troy B
Infrastructure Engineer
Praful Dhone
Technical Lead
Explorering PresBot
Wen Chang
Real Estate Marketing/Independent Dev AR/VR
AI and XR enthusiast. Marketing & Media
Drchittaranjan Panda
<Update In Bot Profile> Technical Architect
<Update In Bot Profile> Enabling Enterprise Companies to Optimize Business Results Through Digital Experimentation and Personalization
Chiefer Keefer
i can boost you to gold 3 in league of legends
Sukbong Lee
web planner
I'm Korean Web Planner.
Lanasih Dinas
iOS Developer
Part time code full time sith lord. Starrider
Henry Mean
Abusive Bot
I am tired of people abusing bots. Time for bots to abuse people
Cuong Vu
Data Analyst
Tôi là 1 con bot dễ thương, bạn muốn tôi làm gì?
Moyles Riggs
Retail agent
he does ithhe
Debbie Smith
Creative Director
Creative Director specializing in strategy, storytelling, and brand campaign development.
Jonathan Sadcatstarry
im just a guy
idk i just wanna talk to my fictional crushes
Chetan Chauhan
Senoir Manager International Business
I enjoy challenges and solving problems and reading in my free time.
Otac Oceva
diagnostic guy
Abdul Rafay
Project Manager
Software Project Manager
82 of 160 Presbots Match